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If you are searching for something that's more permanent than a retractable awning then you might call for a stationary awning

Fixed awnings by Where Shade Is Made are constructed in custom-made lengths, widths and heights to precisely fit your particular needs. We can customize any awning to accommodate your patio. There are a assortment of fabrics to choose from including the traditional canvas to the ever growing popular acrylics that are available in a extensive assortment of solids and stripes. There is also a number of vinyl's used nowadays. Each fixed awning has its place and we could assist you to choose which one is right for you and your situation. 

Fixed Patio Awning Fabrics 
there's an astonishing assortment of very low-cost solid and stripe acrylic fabrics available for your fixed patio awning needs. Where Shade Is Made will fabricate exactly the right style to fit your home's awning. With a couple of simple measurements which are easy for you to take yourself, we can customize the perfect fixed awning for you in just a couple of short weeks.

Ordering Process for Fixed Awnings
Where Shade Is Made has a lot of different styles of customized fixed awnings to select from. Each fixed awning installation is unique and we would be pleased to furnish you with a sample, images, quotes and sample fabric upon request.

Please use our fixed awning quick quote form here or call our sales department at 714-932-4419 to tell us about your fixed awning needs and we'll be pleased to give you a very competitive customized quote. With our large quantity purchasing power with the fabric manufacturers we could save you hundreds and often even thousands of dollars compared with your local awning shop. Also, look at our retractable awning order page to view all of the samples of fabric we can also install on fixed awnings.







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